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For people who are looking for professional advice and are confused on what to do with their space. This is an in-person meeting where we’ll walk through your space and you’ll get advice right then and there. Whether you want help picking out a paint color, styling a certain area, or planning out your space, this is the solution for you. During this time, any design dilemmas you may have will be answered. In this consultation meeting we will:


Review your space and its potential

Give our professional assessment and help clarify your style preferences and needs

Introduce the idea of proper space planning and design concepts

Help you with the inventory of furniture pieces to be integrated into your space


1 hour for P4,000,  2 hours for P7,000

(*Additional fees apply outside Metro Manila)





Let our team do its magic in turning your vision into reality! From creating design concepts based on your preferences and needs, to choosing the right materials, to mapping out all final details and specifications, all the way through construction, and the finishing phase!


Professional Fee starts at P1,000/sqm for spaces 200sqm and above.

*For smaller spaces, fee is at a percentage on total cost or a fixed rate depending on the scope of work based on a "Design & Build" contract.





An alternative option that offers clients do-it-yourself custom designed spaces at an affordable rate. 


The E-Design program are perfect for clients who want to work with an Interior Designer to map out an overall look and aesthetic for their space, but are happy to install & style the space themselves with our team’s concept design based on your vision, your wants, and your needs.


With BMID Studio’s E-Design Service you can access full interior design service materials at a fraction of the cost for a fraction of the time all done via email. Mood sheets and sourcing what you need are covered in this service, from paint color, furniture, decor, and other extras that would look amazing in your space and you are left with the fun part of styling and decoration.


Package starts at P25,000




Interior & Product Branding is guaranteed to help your business gain more patronage, and thereby achieving higher profits. This service is a tool to communicate the essence of your business’ brand identity through design. From your store’s physical environment to your product’s packaging and marketing collaterals.


Branding is a very important asset to influence your consumer. We at BMID Studio, make sure that when a client enters your space, we’ll be able to create a bubble around them with your brand.  We engage them at every point and help them develop an emotional connection with your brand.


This is your biggest opportunity to create a memorable impression upon your consumer to elevate your service or product from a commodity to an object of desire in their minds.


Starts at 30,000





Transform your space using a range of furniture, artwork, and accessories in a rental arrangement. This unique offering is designed to maximize the interest of prospective local and international purchasers by enhancing the aesthetic appeal as well as increase your property’s sale price.


Starts at P100,000



Anybody who loves a get together knows that a good brunch, lunch, or dinner party goes beyond the cuisine. Impress your guests with a perfect presentation to set the mood. We curate beautiful and elegantly designed table settings from the right mix of table linens, table centerpiece, dinnerwares, fresh flowers, botanicals, candle lights, place cards, etc. Create an unforgettable moment with an unforgettable ambiance!


(For Intimate Gatherings, 2 to 20 persons)

Starts at P10,000

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